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Tuition + Financial Aid

Choose Your College Tuition Payment Plan

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Plan for Financial Success

Take advantage of our tuition payment plan opportunities. Depending on your financial needs, DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management may be able to offer you a college payment plan. Qualified students can choose from our three available plans: Standard Plan, Deferred Plan and Direct Bill Plan. Tuition payment plans can be applied to help you earn either an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Learn about Our College Tuition Payment Plan Options

To help students manage their financial obligations, we offer payment plans for those who wish to defer tuition payment(s). Students may choose one of the payment options outlined below:

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan provides a monthly payment plan option designed to help students pay for tuition, books and required electronic materials. This plan is developed using students’ expected enrollment and financial assistance. Students can self-enroll in this payment plan after tuition has posted for the session and prior to generation of the first bill. The first monthly installment is due 22 days after the first bill is generated. The Standard Plan is a 2-month payment plan and is expected to be paid off by the end of the applicable 8-week session.

Deferred Plan

The Deferred Plan is available to students using employer tuition reimbursement, and whose employers submit a tuition-reimbursement policy on students' behalf. This plan enables tuition and fees to be deferred until Thursday of week five of the subsequent session. Additional charges are due 22 days after the first billing statement has been generated.

Direct Bill Plan

Available to students for whom an employer or third party will be paying DeVry directly for tuition and fees, the Direct Bill Plan allows the employer or third party to delay full payment of tuition and fees until Friday of week seven of the third subsequent session. To enroll in this plan, students must submit documentation of eligibility for the direct billing arrangement offered by their company or the third party. Enrollment in this payment plan does not eliminate students' responsibility to ensure tuition is paid by the due date when they are in an active or inactive enrollment status. Refer to Academic Catalog for more details.

Payment Plan arrangements for inactive students.

     We understand that you may need flexible payment options if you leave the institution and have an outstanding balance.  For more information on payment options that may be available to you, please click here

Further information is available from a DeVry Student Finance professional. Delinquent payments may result in loss of payment plan privileges and registration holds.